Should you still use WordPress when there are all those other cool “static CMS” or “headless CMS” sites?

  • Are static CMS better than WordPress?
  • Should you be jumping on the next trend?
  • Is WordPress forever doomed to its pending issues?

I’ll be frank. WordPress is STILL the #1 CMS for you.


As you know, CMS is typically “dynamic” by nature. So a static CMS (aka “headless CMS)) is a really interesting concept because it’s an oxymoron. The logic of how they work in reality is very simple. They use a dynamic interface to build the website and edit content but then output a static version of the site that is then ready to be loaded quickly to website visitors.

The idea is because the pages are already built statically, they load super fast and also don’t have security issues that a dynamic site might represent. In theory…it sounds great!

But in reality, I think they are a poor alternative to WordPress and other popular CMS.

Here’s why…

You should just stick to WordPress

1. WordPress is easier to USE

WordPress has so many more users and documentation available. It’s been around for 10 years and many people already instinctively know how to use it. Its ubiquitousness allows you to more easily work with it, and find developers who can help you with it. Sure, these new CMS sell you on the “ease” but part of this ease is that it can’t do much.

2. WordPress is easier to CUSTOMIZE

The moment you want to do something custom, you’ll realize that those STATIC CMS or even many other CMS won’t be able to do it. They don’t have as many free options and plugin options. Fewer developers know how to work with it.

3. WordPress is LOWER COST

WordPress has tons of free options and free help already. If you need to hire a developer, there are many developers all over the world. If you use a static CMS, fewer options are available and fewer developers can work with it.

4. WordPress is really NOT that slow or insecure

Don’t want a slow/insecure WordPress site? Then use high-quality themes and plugins from respected development teams. Don’t weigh down your site with cheap junk that isn’t coded.

5. WordPress can be JUST AS FAST as static CMS

Not literally, but I mean WordPress can perceivably load just as fast. Cache plugins pretty much work in the same manner as static CMS (prebuilding content so it loads faster when requested).

THE BOTTOM LINE – WordPress can do so much more!

In regards to security and speed or any comparison that you might think WordPress loses, it’s simply not a fair comparison because WordPress can do so much more than other CMS. To argue that static CMS is more secure than WordPress is like arguing that a wall is more secure than a door. A door is less secure because it can open up and allow things to go in and out. So yes, bad and good things can travel through it. But if designed well, the door can be secure enough while providing you with tons of functionality that a plain wall wouldn’t. It’s the same logic as how we wouldn’t argue that a bike is safer than a plane. Or that staying in your house for the rest of your life is safer than not ever going outside.

Static CMS is cool…IF you’re a developer

Don’t get me wrong. Static CMS is still really cool and really fun to use and play around with. But only if you know how to work with it yourself and plan to manage the site by yourself forever. If you’re the kind of person who needs lots of help or documentation, or you plan to have some custom functionality, WordPress is a much better fit for you.

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