Fix your slow WordPress website!

8+ years experience of speeding up slow WordPress sites.

WordPress speed optimization service is our addiction! If there’s even a 50ms improvement anywhere to be had, we will tell you about it. Having managed various sites from hundreds to millions of visitors, we believe page speed is important for any website, especially businesses. Much better user experience (especially on mobile), decreased server loads, and more conversions/sales.

Everyone hates a slow website. Website performance matters.

WordPress Speed Optimization Service Offers

Performance Analysis


We will analyse 1 URL you provide, investigating both Query Monitor and Browser output to give you advice on what is slowing this URL down. You will get a screencast of the entire hour of the analysis so you can educate yourself and your developers on what to look at, what to look for and how to look.

Quick Speed-up pack


  • ~1-2 second loads
  • Cache plugin installation & configuration
  • Theme settings configuration
  • Suggest other optimizations you can do.
  • Before and After optimization report

Enterprise pack


  • ~500ms page loads
  • Code audit – for theme and all plugins used
  • Manual hard-coding of theme – remove (or reduce) pagebuilder use
  • Plugin refactoring – reduce plugin use via hard-coding (within budget)
  • Extensive database clean-up
  • No stone left unturned, We optimize EVERYTHING!
  • We push all clients off a cliff and only focus on you.

This package is for serious sites/businesses only. Ones with thousands of visitors and tons of sales. Even 100ms can make a world of difference, especially for mobile users! (100ms delay on desktop can mean 500ms delay on mobile.)

*Google’s recommended webpage speeds are 2 seconds for desktop and 3 seconds for mobile.

Why is your site so slow?

Loading webpages is like pushing a car uphill. Either you increase the engine power (better web server) or lighten the car (decrease code). The problem with many sites is slow servers and bloated code. One common tactic is installing more plugins, adding more code in an attempt to “lighten” existing code. But this often fails as you can only lighten the code by removing it, not by adding to it. Adding code increases the chance of conflicts…breaking your design or functionality.

You Have Just 3 Seconds To Impress Your Visitor. Don’t Lose It By Slow Loading. 95% of customers don´t wait if a website takes longer than 5-6 seconds to load!

Our speed philosophy:

  1. Decrease code, not add to it.
  2. Optimize for users, not test scores.
  3. Caching is last.
  4. Page loads must be INSTANT, 3 seconds are too slow for me!

Our optimized sites are record-breaking fast because we opt manual optimization instead of relying on plugins and hacks. We set up caching only after everything is manually-optimized. Using caching first is only a band-aid fix that only decreases page weight and database queries on the cached copy of your site instead of the site itself. Doing it right not only gives you the best speeds but far less design/functionality issues in the future.

Speed up my site!

How can we help?


For over one decade we are helping businesses by fixing their slow & leggy websites. We got a solid team of technical specialists to speed up and optimize your website to deliver your expected results to the clients. Trust us, we are yet to come across a website that we can’t fix. And we like to keep it that way!

We’ll streamline your content to display faster using standards-based techniques (front-end speed optimization), and rearchitect your back-end systems to serve your content more efficiently.

Would you deliver A+ OR 100/100 ?

Optimizing for users is still something that’s not understood. Many people don’t know any better, chasing that perfect A+ 100/100 Google score without understanding it’s implications. Those scores are simply guidelines, nothing more. Hacking your site to score high can in fact make your site load slower for users and only further defeat the purpose of using those test scores. Why should you ignore those page scores? It’s because their grading scale is outdated and doesn’t reflect the latest web-server technology. SEE

I like instant page loads and nothing else. It needs to appear right away as if it was already on your computer. Any perceived “load” time is too long for me. It is truly magical and life-changing when your site is so fast like you never thought would be possible.

Website Speed and performance Optimization process

Website Evaluation

Our developers will evaluate your existing website status and identify opportunities for improvement.

Our Findings

Once we’ve analyzed your website, we’ll share the analysis report with you, along with our improvement recommendations.

Statement Of Work

Depending on your site analysis and the recommendations, we’ll create a project implementation roadmap.

Plan Selection

Based on our findings and your budget, we’ll help you choose the pricing plan that is right for you.

Website Optimization

After you’ve selected the plan and ironed out finer details, we’ll appoint a dedicated developer for your site optimization.

Optimization Report

Once it’s done, we’ll share the page speed improvement reports which will reflect data from popular page speed analysis tools.


I used WordPress Speed Optimization Service and which is 110% trustworthy. I’m really impressed, my website was a mess but Hafiz was great and I got an excellent result. I volunteered to give this review and asked Hafiz to send me a link to where I could write it.
I spent hours online researching who to hire to care for my website. I picked them and I just love working with them! They truly care for my site and have outstanding customer service. I highly recommend them to everyone!
In the last 60+ days, there hasn’t been a single failed response or issue not taken care of. Incredible customer service every step of the way. They always say they have your back and it really feels like it! Thanks We love you all!
Working with Pro Speed Guy has taken my website to the next level in terms of traffic, quality, design, and accessibility
From start to finish this team was amazing, thinking of each detail and staying ahead of the timeline to create a fantastic new website for our company. Thank you.
We love working with Umair and team, they have made my agencies growth possible. I highly recommend their services to anyone wanting quality work and a team they can grow with.

We Helped !

Quit Worrying About Speed Hassles

Never worry about a slow load time causing your visitors to leave, or Google penalizing your site for poor technical performance again. Our speed optimization service aims to have your website loading in under two seconds and improving your Core Web Vitals.