A list of my favorite pagebuilders and why. I also include a list of my non-favorites for comparison reasons. I compare them on features, ease-of-use, speed, clean output code, and compatibility. For those who keep asking, I don’t like pagebuilders! This list exists only for people who insist on having one.

Best pagebuilders for WordPress:

  • Elementor – the most popular, and powerful free-version. Cutting-edge pagebuilder with all the trendiest gimmicky effects/features. Newbies and non-coders should start here.
  • BeaverBuilder – 2nd best, most stable and reliable. Preferred by more serious tech-savvy folks who prefer stability over features. Also nice that many devs like BB.
  • LiveCanvas – a great raw HTML/CSS pagebuilder where you can code your site from scratch. Great for devs and coders to handcode things exactly as they like.
  • Oxygen – great for developers wanting really lean pagebuilder experience. Arguably the fastest/leanest pagebuilder. Very aggressive marketing; you may or may not like his personality. I do love that the Oxygen community is full of dev-level users.
  • Zion Builder – I hear more and more good things but haven’t tried for myself. The owner and I couldn’t agree to a timeline. He wanted to give me access but only for a limited time and I couldn’t be bothered to schedule time out for a free review.

Gutenberg pagebuilders (not quite pagebuilders in the traditional sense, but can do similar things):

  • Stackable – most polished UI, looks nicest of all Gutenberg libraries (except maybe Genesis PRO) but still some bugs in everyday use depending on what you do. I like this one.
  • Qubely – they were good before, but not anymore IMO. I don’t recommend them.

Pagebuilders I don’t like:

  • Brizy – lots of complaints about bugs, unstability, poor UI/UX. But yes, it was toted as another good one, lightweight and less bloated.
  • Divi – way bloated, tons of shortcode lock-in. Can’t tell you how much money I’ve made optimizing/converting sites built with DIVI. (I hate AND THANK them every day.)
  • Fusion Builder (AVADA) – bloated, one of the worst. You should avoid the theme it comes with as well.
  • King Composer – hardly no one uses it and really bad.
  • Site Origin – CAN be lean but I think it’s not popular among devs.
  • Thrive Architect – not coded well compared to the rest of the market, slow!
  • WPBakery – one of the worst!
  • Visual Composer – basically a better version of WPBakery but still massively bloated. I hate the giant autoload entries in database.
  • Fusion Builder – comes with those super bloated themes like Avada. Get rid of this and the whole theme!

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